The Ilham Tohti Institute (ITI) named after the unjustly imprisoned Uyghur academic: Professor Ilham Tohti, that promotes friendship and harmony between all peoples living in China.

The Ilham Tohti Institute (ITI) is multi-national entity is open to anyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religious affiliation, who agrees with Prof. Tohti’s ideals and shares his vision. The Ilham Tohti Institute has the goal to promote Prof. Ilham Tohti’s ideas and help to put them into reality. These are: friendship and harmony between all peoples living in the People’s Republic of China, including the Uyghur and the Han, peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect, equality, and rule of law. The ITI will promote them internationally as an instrument to help achieve freedom, equality, democracy, peace and stability for the Uyghur people and harmony amongst the numerous ethnicities living in China.


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